"“The Legacy Emergency Kit method for creating thread Bands on the go should prove invaluable to the Invisible Thread Band worker.”

-Jon LeClair

The Legacy Emergency Kit

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Wizard Product Review Worker Of The Week!!!

"I love keeping the emergency kit in my car as a reliable back-up, so I know I can always be prepared."
--Robert Smith (Consultant for The Magic Of David Copperfield)

""Sebashtion H. has made his mark with The LEK. I have never seen an elastic band tying system like this! created with the worker in mind, it's so fast and so damn sexy! Levitations, animations are finally able to be put into the hands of any magician, of any skill level with the simplicity of the LEK"-- Justin Miller

"LEK. It's the best way I've seen to create strong deceptive invisible thread bands on the fly! It's truly the emergency kit for the miracle worker." -- Nate Kranzo

THE LEK SOLD OUT AT IMX2012, Tampa, Genii, Magi-Fest and Daytona Conventions!!!!

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Ring Slide Is on this DVD!!!

This is the Effect That Changed Craig Petty's Mind about IET!!!!

This is a great way to tie your IET Bands!!!

This is a great Companion to our Trinity System! If you have ever been on the way to perform at a gig and forgot your I.E.T. (Invisible Elastic Thread) Bands.. Your prayers have been answered!

• 300ft of Legacy in a Handy Dispenser!
• Scissors!
• Poster Tack!
• Full DVD explaining how to tie normal I.E.T Bands and Body Bands!
• 3 effects from Justin Miller That are DEAD easy and ridiculously magical!
• And 1 effect from Sebashtion H. With a Body Band!

This is no longer a Download, The entire kit with full length DVD will be Mailed to you.

Never again tie your bands in a bathroom, or a dark corner of the venue you are performing at. You will learn how to tie your bands is record time WHILE your approaching a table, spectator etc..

Never again be without your Bands!!!!!!!

Sale $40 for the L.E.K.

Buy Here