The Trinity System Now With 150ft Legacy Thread!!!

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"The Trinity System Is The Porsche of IET Tying System" - Daniel Garcia

"Every so often an Idea comes along that changes the very Structure Of The System, That Idea has come" -Justin Miller

"I think The Trinity System would be a wise investment for anyone wanting to make their own IET Bands" - Nathan Kranzo

"Works like a charm, the fact that it is gorgeous is an added bonus"

-Steve Fearson

It has been 7 years and the Trinity System has gone thru some major changes from the name change to size change, now the color change, along with it being able to adjust to any size bands you want!!! this means if you are tired of not using Invisible Elastic Bands because they are too small for your wrists or you just wanted them a little bit bigger, Or you wanted to tie Body Bands, then,


You now have full controll of how big or how small you want your Bands to be.
Also with the new lighter color it is far eaiser to see the thread to tie your IET Bands....

Are you tired of wasting your hard earned money? Night after night the trips to the magic shop, buying pre-tied Bands, Breaking them the same night...... Saving your IET bands for that special occasion,
We have the fix for this!!!!

The Trinity System will help you tie your IET bands in as fast as 10 sec. And will help you tie your IET more consistently over and over.

The Trinity System Price: $70.00 Plus Shipping

The Trinity System SALE Price: $50.00 Plus Shipping, This is a saving of $20.00 on the Best System to tie your IET Bands

Or Buy 5 Spools of Legacy Thread and Get a Free Trinity System

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After much discussion with Penguin Magic, We would like to State that we have Officially Licensed the Trinity System's Concept from Penguin Magic. Upon discussing both our sides, We agreed that the concept is similar to one of their products that they use to sell, prior to the release of The Trinity System in 2007. We Look forward to the Future.