The Elite Series Close Up Tables

The Small Elite Series Table $199.99 Plus S&H

The Large Elite Series Table $249.99 Plus S&H

Folding Elite Series Table $799.99 Plus S&H

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We are please to offer The Elite series of Close-Up Tables!!!!! the Elite Series include: The Small and Large Elite Tables, in your choice of Maple or Mahogany, Also your choice of Red or Clasic Black Fabric...

The Elite Series Tables are 100% Hand-crafted, Custom Made from hand selected Hard woods and Materials to best complement each other. Nothing is mass produced!!! We have taken our 20 some years in furniture making and turned it towards Making one of a kind Magic Equipment. Each Table has its own characteristics that you will not find on any other Table, EVER!!!! We hand select hardwoods with that special character so that it will make your People turn their heads and take notice!

The Elite Series comes in 2 sizes

Small Elite:17” wide by 23” deep.

Large Elite: 27” wide by 21” deep.

The Folding Elite comes in 1 Size:
27” wide by 21” deep.

The Elite Series comes in 2 wood choices: Mahogany with our signature Red Color wood and Black Fabric
and Pristine Maple with the Elegant Natural Color and Majestic Red color Fabric.

This is a table That will stand the test of time, a lifetime of great looks! Each Elite Table Comes With Card And Coin Hold Outs. The Top Fabric Can Be steamed (Home Steamer) to freshen it up for your next show,

The top fabric is also water proof so if you spill something on the fabric it will not soak into the substrate.

When you need a Table to perform on, select one that will turn heads, Select The Elite Series!

Each order is hand crafted at the time of order, nothing is sitting on the shelf getting dusty waiting. We take great pride in our line of tables and the proof is in the pictures and our loyal customer reviews.

All Tables Come With Free Coin/Card Hold-Out

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