Layaway Program!!!!

We are Pleased to announce that we offer a Layaway Program for your Orders!!! If you have been looking at some of our products and thought " Man that would be nice but I don't have the cash"

Now you can order your product and make payments on it!!!!


So if you have your eye on a present for that special Magician you can now buy them the product they want but not have to drop the full payment all at once!!!!!

How this works....

To Start, Email Us (Click Here)
to get your total of your order
Once you have the total cost You pay 10% of the total cost down (product cost and shipping) and make easy payments till your order is paid off

We will start your order when you reach 50% of the total cost of the Product you are ordering, and when you pay it off we ship it out to you...


There is a 10% fee for using the Layaway option. This is to cover the extra fees we will incur for taking multiple payments.

You Must make minimum 1 payment a month.

If you decide to cancel your order,Your deposit up to 50% is NON-REFUNDBLE!!!! Anything over 50% will be refunded. this is to cover time and materials that we have invested in Your Order.

All orders under $100.00 must be 50% down and monthly payments for maximum 2 months.

If you default on making at least 1 payment a month for more than one month your order will be canceled and anything over the 50% of the total price will be refunded. 50% will be held for time and materials.