"I have been using the standard Invisible Elastic Circles for the longest. Then Sebashtion turn me on to his Legacy Thread and let me tell you, it's the BEST dam Invisible Elastic Thread I ever used! I never seen a Invisible Elastic Thread that tough! I love the high tension! Now I need to buy me a Trinity System so I could make me some "Circles"....."

--Ray Lum (Lum Entertainment Group)...

I got two spools of Legacy thread in the mail yesterday (thanks Sebashtion) so although I haven't had long to play with it this is by far the strongest thread I have ever used. I made a l##p (sorry yigal), and had it attached to a sharpie to test the strength of the thread. While it was floating my four year old nephew grabs the sharpie and runs away, but instead of breaking it stretches about 3 feet and then snaps back onto my wrist, any other thread I know of would have snapped.This thread can take a beating. (so far I have not had any breakage)
I was using infinity, but now I'm switching to legacy. With infinity thread I have a small fear of the loop or hook up breaking after performing a few times, but I think Legacy can withstand as many performances as I want to do.

My final thoughts, It's the strongest thread I have ever seen, but it's also invisible to the naked eye. I love it,i'm gonna be doing a lot more thread work. It's like the IET your using now...only it's stronger, has a better elasticity, and it has a cooler name...

Legacy...it's the beast of the thread world.

--Brandon Johnson

Seb has finally found the unfindable… The Holy Grail of IET. The Journals of magic when read to generations ahead of us will define this moment as a gigantic leap forward in thread magic…
The game is now changed”

--Justin Miller

I finally got my trinity system and was "spoiled" with a spool of stripped Legacy Thread to try it out. The Trinity System has been reviewed over and over again, it is a great device, it helps getting the job right for the clumsy ones (me!) Sebashtion mentions on the dvd that someone didn't like the color of the system, I have to agree with that person for ONE reason, a white finish would've been easier for the eyes to see the thread, that's about the only downside to it.

As for the tying process, if you can count to 10, you can tie it. The first couple of tries took me a few minutes just to get the tension and length right, after that the system itself became a measuring unit for me, whoever has the DVD will know what I mean.

There are 1001 ways out there to tie wrist hoops, and again, for someone like me who has trouble tying them and always ends up with "afro hair" like wrist hoops, this system helps a lot. I am finally able to tie wrist hoops/loops/bands/circles that fit MY wrist with no afro hair on it! This is one of the greatest advantages for me!

Amateur or a professional, it will save time and cost.

For the dvd content, it's all clear, detailed, everything has been covered and credited.

Now, for the Legacy thread. SO FAR (I am still in the process of trying various settings/routines to test it out) It is hands down stronger, sturdier from what is available out there, stretches even more than the rest without losing tension.

To be fair, I tied loops using Mesika's Elastic thread and Legacy Thread, here's the verdict:

haunted deck looks more stable (5-6 times using the same band of Legacy Thread, didn't break yet, 3 runs with Mesika's and ADIEU!),
VCR: 9 runs (i am baffled) with Legacy, 4 runs with Mesika's

Now out of the LOOP context:

Poker chips slides faster, boomerang card routine works flawlessly (Yes Yigal provides another type of elastics with the instructions, I just used the Legacy Thread, a few tries so far and it didn't break and didn't cut thru the wax BUT I am using two strands and it still is invisible)

As with anything and everything, it all comes down to your personal preferences, in a head to head comparison the Legacy Thread is my weapon of choice. And this is coming from an amateur.


So as one of the original owners of the Trinity System to tie my elliptical elastics, SubDividedStudios has always kept me updated about their products, and they have certainly come a long way over these past few years. I am highly grateful for the late night chats about this or about that with Sebashtion H. over at SDS. It was exciting when they updated the Trinity System a while back and they got in touch with me to receive the update, which by the way was very superb. However, the latest update is the best ever- it does not affect the Trinity, but rather the invisible elastic thread! Past orders of Trinity were sent Infinity Thread, which was way better then what has been on the market. Unfortunately, Infinity Thread was retired which made SDS scramble to develop their own thread for the Trinity System. As one of their most loyal customers (self-assumed title), I was asked to beta test a thread that took a little over a year to produce- and that’s where the Legacy began! I am proud to introduce to my magical brethren, Subdivided Studios’ new “Legacy” thread. It is truly here to stay! After weeks of playing around with it, comparing it to the usual magic shop threads, and then using it in my routines, I have established it as my new thread for my elliptical elastics. Sure, we all grew up with Meiska’s loops, which props to him for getting us re-interested in thread work; it was not the ultimate solution as it is quite annoying to go through a pack a week of his product for performances. Several methods have been made as a replacement to tie your own, but once again this is where Trinity triumphed. Like I said, Trinity came with Infinity, which was like gold compared to the usual Meiska thread or any standard invisible thread found in magic shops. I have gotten great use out of the Trinity and Infinity not expecting any better. But now there is better! “Legacy” is the toughest IET that I have ever used! Naked to the human eye unstripped and naked to the technological eye stripped, Legacy allows the best visual performance of Haunted Deck, Spirit Pack, Hummingbird Card, and anything else you’re inclined to do with IET bands. As I was playing around with it, it beefed up my favorite IET routine, “VCR” by Justin Miller (which I learned from Trinity). In it, you cause a single card to vertically rise from a deck standing up, leaning against your card box. Sometimes when I perform it, I like to try to snap my wrist to try to make it spin out of the deck and snatch it. That could only be done with a newer band or else it’d break (which you know is normal, my thread buddies) But with a Legacy made band, I was able to “pull” it out, make it spin, and snatch it in the air multiple times without Legacy thread flinching. It held up for over 50 performances in a row before it was even stretched out! Very, very strong! To goof off with the elasticity of it, I set up a hummingbird card, which I like using elastic thread for to have more of a bounce back effect with it floating in the air. I was teasing my cat by having it hover over their head, only to have it snap back to my hand before she could grab it. Best laughs ever! Eventually she was able to pin it to the ground with her paw, but the thread didn’t break, and so when she lifted up her paw, it came back to me! I could go on and on about how I aggressively abused Legacy trying it with bills, coins (a half dollar!), pens, forks, etc. It held up to everything. However, Legacy is not car proof! What broke my elliptical elastic was catching my wrist on the car door! Otherwise, Legacy lasts beyond any other IET band until it was old and gave out. So guys, two TTs up for Legacy and 10/10 stars. Please improve your thread work and start a "Legacy" today!

--Matthew Miller