The IET Band Massive Kit

"I love keeping the emergency kit in my car as a reliable back-up, so I know I can always be prepared."
--Robert Smith (Consultant for The Magic Of David Copperfield)

This is the end all be all kit for tying your IET Bands!!!!!

What you Get Is:

The Trinity System, with DVD 2 effects from Justin miller, Justin's Thoughts Practice Thread and everything you need to start Tying right out the box.

The LEK, with DVD, 3 effects from Justin miller Including Ring Slide that changed Craig Petty's mind about IET, 300ft of Legacy 2.0 in a thread case, scissors and everything you need to start tying on the fly!

And If that is not Enough!!!!!!!

1,000ft of Legacy Thread 2.0 in a thread case.

you will never be without your IET Bands Again!!!!

Never again tie your bands in a bathroom, or a dark corner of the venue you are performing at. You will learn how to tie your bands is record time.

Never again be without your Bands!!!!!!!

Sale $140.00 for the Massive Kit

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